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Rowena Kay - Owner 

Rowena Kay McCormick-Robinson is the oldest child of 13 children born into a
family of artists, poets, writers, models, visual artists, dancers and musicians.
Rowena was heavily encouraged by her late sister Tammy McCormick-
Broussard, who recently transitioned in June 2021. Tammy was just 11 months
younger than Rowena, but at the age of 14 after growing close to six feet tall,
Tammy pursued modeling. This set the pace for the rest of the siblings and
sparked Rowena to open a model and talent agency years later. With the talent
inherited from her parents and encouragement from her husband Russell
Robinson, Rowena became the CEO of Chic Nouvelle Model and Talent
Management, a family-owned company based in New Orleans, Louisiana.
What started as a photography company in 2000 officially blossomed into a
model and talent management company in 2009. Rowena has been able to help
both male and female models between the ages of 4 and up of all races,
ethnicities, shapes and sizes from locations all over the world by networking
nationally and internationally. Rowena has also given aspiring models the
opportunity to use their other gifts within the company as interns and have been
able to strengthen their skills as makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers,
photographers and writers.

After Hurricane Katrina, Rowena was able to establish Chic Nouvelle as the first
Model Management to host fashion shows in numerous venues. She partnered
with Bourbon Park International Fashion Week, the first  successful fashion week
to take place in the state of Louisiana in 2010. This company provided 75% of
the models and performing talent, a few designers, makeup artists, hairstylists,
hosts, photographers, videographers, several newspapers, magazines and local
news outlets, as well as volunteers who came through Chic Nouvelle's
organization and dedicated their time to the event.

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